About asrXpi

In today's world the major problem any business is facing with is, choosing a right client. asrXpi helps you in understanding and simplifying your data. asrXpi is compatible with any database source across all industries and it helps you analyse and generate reports on every column data and predict the client value. This is where one should actually need to implement logic which is mostly measured with a human's brain.

Predictive Intelligence is creating automated decision making in finding the credit-worthiness of customers. This actually analyses the real data from the huge data mix which might consist of duplications. The data matching goes through column analysis in which it differentiates the row count, distinct count, duplication count and many more.

asrXpi is ideally designed to predict the future of the business with individual client. The rules it follows are not selective/static, but are your own designed business rules. Optimizing the data and predicting the future of client interest with social account is its add on.

asrXpi not only simply summarizes your data into graphs and tables to show you where you've been. asrXpi takes that step further using the incredible power of predictive analytics to forecast the outcomes of your marketing efforts.

We understand that budgets and bandwidth are the most valuable resources for any firm, especially financial institutions. By leveraging the power of customized marketing analytics techniques, asrXpi provides you with a consulting-level product, without straining your resources.

asrXpi uses our specialized in-house Data Experts Intelligence to turn your raw data into a User friendly UI Interface, functional, focused information. This information helps you meet your business objectives. While our intellectual property remains securely in-house, we are transparent with regards to the formulas and models we use to generate our results. We're happy to share them with you and walk you through our process.

asrXpi fits into any business process across any industry and is an agnostic product that does not limit itself to any boundary.

asrXpi Highlights

  • Simple solution for rapid predictive development
  • Deigned for Business for greater data visibility and ownership
  • Supports complete Data life cycle Management with reusable predictive models
  • Disciplined approach to handle customer Data problems
  • Automated approach solving predictive intelligence use cases
  • Deliver Effective models in quick timelines
  • Reusable libraries in creating predictive functions like business rules, validation rules, matching rules, segmentation rules, social network analysis, forecasting, association rules and regression topics.

asrXpi Benefits

  • Predictive Intelligence made easy: Scales to petabytes of data with reusable modeling
  • Development Agility: End to end data automation from preparing customer enterprise data and quick integration with unstructured data for quick and quality modeling.
  • Cloud Based model for quick results to our customers
  • Lower TCO : Leverage cloud infrastructure and no need for additional resources : Maximum ROI.
  • Reusable domain specific use cases with excellent results
  • Highly efficient analytical models with automated data readiness, model deployment and dash board creation. Quick win to businesses.
  • Simple solution for complex Data insights

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