EGS Quality Fulcrum

Experiencing difficulties with testing your applications?

Experiencing errors getting through your testing process into production?

EGS Quality Fulcrum (EQF) is one of a kind Test Automation Product and can be integrated across all environments, which helps you reduce the efforts spent in manual testing, by executing all the possible test cases on a click of button.

EQF can automate functional and unit testing across applications and is compatible with web technologies, mobile apps, Big Data and Cloud environments.

You are just a click away from resolving your testing woes!!!!

EQF benefits include:
  • Total coverage of test validation and range of test scenarios
  • Speed of execution, savings of almost 80% of Testing and QA effort
  • Multi-lingual and complex data scenario validations
  • Minimized human intervention
  • Flexibility in execution timings (overnight) reducing the impact on live systems, networks and other shared infrastructure resources

Gain Business Process Optimization and Certification through our EQF suite.

Want to know more? Contact us to learn how and where EQF can fit into your testing and QA processes.

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