Vehicle Maintenance & Management(VMM)

EGS VMM facilitates organizations in managing, maintaining and tracking vehicles across the enterprise.

Our software product provides organizational benefits that include:
Cost Control- Analytics ensure smarter fuel, vehicle and equipment purchases as well as maintenance changes, saving money over time.
Increased productivity, safety and overall efficiency- Easily assign and track vehicles and tasks, facilitating clear communication to all. View driver and vehicle analytics to facilitate safety concerns.
Reduced Environmental Impact - Proper and timely vehicle maintenance changes not only result in increased savings, but also a minimized carbon footprint.
Better Planningand Operational Data- With increased availability of data in a fleet’s records, managers can consider past information when going forward with how standard operating procedures can be continuously improved.
Reduced Paperwork - Automation enables easy and better communication, task recording and inventory tracking, without the need for frivolous paperwork.

EGS VMM achieves these benefits by:

Tracking your vehicle booking activities

Vehicle booking activities can be scheduled individually or automatically, up to any future date without any clash of vehicle dates. The booking of each vehicle can be scheduled by day(s), hours or on a fixed time basis.

Tracking your vehicle maintenance and service schedules

You can capture and display number of mile / kilometers and number of days of a particular vehicle for scheduled service. The status of the vehicle, whether it is available for next booking or moved to a garage is decided based on this tracking.Any defective parts for a particular vehicle are captured during its service.

Emergency Call Service

Available when a vehicle breaks down and tracks the technician and towing vehicle details for commuting the vehicle to garage.

Track your vehicle's fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is automatically calculated, and the enterprise can identify long term fuel trends to help spot fuel consumption problems.

Additional VMM Benefits

  • Track unlimited number of vehicles
  • Schedule recurring maintenance and inspection items by miles, kilometers, or hours
  • Track vehicle's completed service and expenses
  • Track vehicle's fuel efficiency
  • Maintain a database of the parts used on the vehicles
  • Track related vendors and contacts
  • Print reports
  • Track and report on business versus personal miles
  • Track drivers and their licenses, certifications, accidents and health condition
  • Access the above from any location, over internet

Why VMM ?

EGS Vehicle Maintenance & Management Systemis a system providing management functions which allows enterprises to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle operation.EGS Vehicle Maintenance & Management Systemis not restricted only to managing the individual vehicles, but includes the daily management of vehicles,fuel and services, drivers etc. It facilitates to improve efficiency,productivity and reduces the overall costs, involved with organization vehicles maintenance, and to have Scheduled Maintenance & Management System.

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