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EGS assists our customers in swiftly rearranging their legacy application portfolio and modernizing their IT stack by applying a structured approach of strategized planning, methodical analysis of existing systems including gaps, bringing in architectural and technology standards, and providing detailed recommendations on alternatives and implementation. Our recommendations include the costs and risks of acquiring the modernized IT stack, viable solutions to reduce maintenance cost, and service enablement of applications as appropriate. Areas in which we provide services on IT Modernization: IT modernaization.

Service Layer Modernization : We help our customers to modernize their enterprise service layer with a best fit service architecture based on their business needs. Business needs includes but are not limited to Application Integration, Business to Business Integration, Published Web APIs(public or private), Mobile Backend as a Service and Internet of Things(IoT) integration. We can enable Data as a Service layer (DaaS), Service Integration Architecture, Micro-services Architecture (MSA), or mix and match any of these to support your business. Our engagement starts with building a reference architecture for your business based on your needs, then enabling one or two business use cases to validate the proposed architecture before promoting to enterprise level acceptance.

Content Management : We help our customer’s develop and manage digital content for their online channels, and utilize those contents to provide highly personalized experience for their existing and prospective customers. Our service includes creating the content for your marketing team, identifying right open source or COTS-based tools to manage it, and integrating with front-end applications. Our content management team collaborates with your business and IT stakeholders to develop content for prospective customers, content for existing customer support, and content to learn more about your product and services.


Creating Digital Differentiators : We help our customers stay ahead of the competition through our technology research and enabling IT capabilities through emerging technologies such as personalizing account management, enabling unified search across assets, engaging users through social networks, connecting with online and mobile marketing, enabling mobile payment and integrating predictive analytics to recommend products for prospect customers.

Digital Storefront buildup and Ordering : We enable digital storefront for our customers to sell their products and services online, thorough both Desktop and Mobile. This enables businesses to showcase their products/services online, to facilitate intuitive digital learning, to enroll as new customer or register for coupons, to sell services or products, to track shipped products, and to onboard the service customer through self-service tools. We specialize in enhancing the existing digital channel to multiple channels, Desktop, Mobile and TV, and provide a seamless experience across these channels.

Digital Commerce Strategy : Our strategy experts analyze your existing business activities with a 360 view, backed with data, and provide a methodical approach to transform the existing business to increase your revenue and reduce operating cost. Our engagement starts with analyzing markets, reviewing your customer’s needs, segmenting and profiling your prospect customers, and publishing a multi-year road map to revitalize your IT architecture, digital channels and customer engagement.

Commerce Capabilities Buildup : Our technology experts leverage the emerging web application stack to build your digital commerce components of User Registration, shopping cart, checkout process, eligibility verification, payment, post ordering status check, user engagement tracking, funnel and conversion reporting, and self-service support.

Quality Assurance : EGS highly values Test Driven Development (TDD) and experienced great benefits using this approach. From Unit Testing to Performance Testing, EGS makes sure the code delivered is well tested against all the business scenarios and can scale up to your future growth.

Maintenance & Support : The maintenance and support of applications is not only critical but can also become costly to handle. EGS can easily help by streamlining the whole process of maintenance and support.

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