Big Data Analytics

Businesses benefit by analyzing all their data, both inside and outside of the enterprise business suite, including, but not limited to: Customer sentiments, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, CRM; Planning; Demand; Transactions and Documents.

Our comprehensive solution, asrXpi, helps companies build on their enterprise-level big data framework using repeatable technology and simplified use-cases. asrXpi is used to create end-to-end predictive models, from data initiation to predictive intelligence. This includes data profiling of customer data, data standardization, data enrichment and data synchronization. Once the customer data is fit for use, our predictive modeling applies industry use-cases to provide real data value to the business.

Our approach simplifies the business process to take full advantage of customer data, providing: Intelligent Insight; Asset Insight; Decision Insight and Business Agility.

Data knowledge services from EGS uncover new secrets of unseen Business Value in your own data.

Take advantage of EGS data expertise in Big Data and Hadoop technologies to uncover your business information and discover hidden opportunities. Take advantage of EGS data services that range from an expert advice session to ongoing management and support to quickly gain value from your Big Data. We have certified Hadoop technology stack resources available with good domain knowledge to support your challenging data projects.

EGS Big Data Services

EGS data competency can help you provide expert services to implement your Big Data strategy and transform volumes of structured and unstructured data into clear business insights and optimize execution to maximize business performance. The EGS Data Team can help provide technical data services support data modeling, data architecture, data quality and technical support in various Hadoop stack technologies.

We have specialized resources to support:

  • Domain-specific and business knowledge: Our experts can help you identify, develop, and drive high-value innovative business ideas by providing trusted advice from inception all the way through execution and support.
  • Technology Resources: Our certified highly experienced Hadoop resources ranging from Hadoop Network Administrators, Hadoop Data Analysts, ETL experts, Analytics experts to Data Modelers and DBAs to support your challenging Big Data projects.

Big Data Services EGS provides are:

  • Predictive Analytical services
  • Information Management Services
  • Database Services
  • Data Architecture Services
  • Data Quality Services
  • Hadoop Technology Support Services
  • Hadoop Implementation services
  • Data Analysis Services
  • Big Data Consulting Services

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